Only For Men - How To Impress Her This Valentine's Day In Less Than 100 Rupees

September 29th, 2017

This post is only for men. Ladies please stop here and share it with your man instead. 

This valentine day impress her with a surprise which will go easy on your pocket. Here we are sharing trick and tips to win her all over again in probably less than 100 Rupees so read on very carefully. You need to read this atleast 10 hours before you execute the plan. Read carefully. 

Step 1: Arrange The Props

You need to arrange one simple candle, one rose and a heart shaped balloon. You can also get scented candles if you want. That's it. Nothing else is needed as per this guide. 

Step 2: Send Her Away For 2 Hours 

You will need some privacy because without it, it won't be a surprise anymore. You need to be alone in hour house for atleast 2 hours. Send her to gym or park or to buy something, do whatever you may want but arrange for yourself a 2 hour window in the evening. One easy and good idea would be to drop her at a beauty parlour nearby but that may increase your cost by about few thousands so that's not much recommended. Also tell her that there is something planned for tonight. Because if you don't assure her, you won't be able to reach till the further steps for very obvious reasons and you may end up having a big war in your house, after all it's valentine's night. So don't test her patience and simple tell her that there is something there for tonight. 

Step 3: Cook Your Way To Her Heart 

This step is the game changer for you. Read every line very carefully from now on. You need some hard work here but you can do it. You just have to be a smooth detective and find out the ingredients needed for cooking the following recipes without moving too many things in her kitchen:

Just follow the links above and read then very carefully. This will give you an idea how much time you will take for each one of them. Cook the Dal first, then the vegetable which you have decided out of the list. You need to be in constant touch with her and then just before when she is about to reach home cook the matar pulao. Timing is very important. While the matar pulao is on the gas/stove it's time to prepare the dining table and the create the valentine day kind of atmosphere in your house. Setup the candle on the table(don't light it yet), dim the lights in the room, put on her favorite romantic playlist. Inflate the balloon and put it on the table itself. Arrange plates, glass, water jug on the table along with your vegetable and dal nicely on the dining table.

Your wife should enter, ideally, 5 minutes after the pressure cooker whistles. Now as the pressure cooker whistles, put off the flame.  The pressure cooker is still hot and it won't open on it's own you have to wait for it to cool down. Light up the candle as the door bell rings, bring her in, give her your heart in the form of that ballon that you just inflated. The bride and groom may now kiss each other till the pressure cooker opens, and then they can eat the tasty dinner together and then ... you know.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility of whaterver happens to you after this but we will surely take all the credits. 

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