Besan ki Kadhi Recipe - Learn How To Make Besan ki Kadhi

2018-09-18 14:39:16

Besan ki Kadhi is a special dish of India prepared  from gram flour. Crispy besan pakoras soaked in slightly tangy besan gravy make up a mouth watering dish that goes well with both steamed rice and chapatis. Learn how to make besan ki kadhi with an easy recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Recipe Yeild: 4 servings


  • Gram Flour (besan) - 1 cup
  • Turmeric powder (haldi powder) - 1 tea spoon
  • Curd (dahi) - 1/2 cup
  • Black mustard seeds (rai) - 1 tea spoon
  • Asafoetida (hing powder) - 1 pinch
  • Curry leaves (kari patta) - 5-6
  • Whole red chilli (khadi lal mirch) - 3
  • Salt to taste
  • Mustard oil (sarson ka tel) - as per requirement to fry the kadhi pakoras and prepare the kadhi (you can use refined oil also)
  • Water to prepare the batter for pakoras and kadhi
  • Coriander leaves (hara dhaniya patti) to garnish


  1. Put gram flour (besan) in a big mixing bowl. Add 1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder (haldi powder), salt to taste and water to prepare a batter on flowy consistency. Check with a spoon if the batter prepared is easy to pour. If it is too flowy or watery add in more gram flour (besan) or, if the batter is too thick, then add water to balance the consistency.
  2. Heat some mustard oil (sarson ka tel) in kadhai. Lower the flame when the oil is completely heated. After a few seconds, using a spoon pour some batter in the hot oil. The batter will spread to form a thin and circular shaped pakora. Allow it to cook.
  3. After some time flip it slowly to the other side. Fry till the pakora is cooked and turns golden red. Fry 5-6 pakoras in the similar manner and keep aside on a plate with tissue paper to absorb the extra oil.
  4. In the remaining batter add 1.5 cups of water, salt to taste and the remaining 1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder (haldi powder). Mix and prepare a watery batter this time.
  5. Now heat a deep kadhai with 1 table spoon oil in it. First add asafoetida (hing powder) to it, and when it turns red, add in the black mustard seeds (rai), curry leaves (kari patta) and whole red chilli (khadi lal mirch).
  6. Now lower the flame to add the kadhi batter prepared slowly. Increase the flame and start stirring the batter as it cooks.
  7. After 3-4 minutes the batter will start boiling and thicken in its consistency. Cook for another 5 minutes on medium flame.
  8. Turn off the flame and transfer the kadhi in beautiful serving bowl. Add the curd to it and mix well.
  9. Now add the pakoras prepared to the kadhi. Garnish with some coriander leaves (hara dhaniya patti) and served hot with steamed rice or chapatis.

(Tips: 1. The kadhi batter should be of flowy consistency. Kadhi with thick consistency will not taste good. 2. While adding the pakoras to the kadhi prepared, you can put them as one big piece on break them to smaller pieces as per your liking) 

Besan Ki Kadhi or Kadhi CHawal


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