Laung Lata Recipe - Learn How To Make Laung Lata

Laung Lata  is a Bengali dish that is made specially on festivals. Its is crunchy on outside and soft on inside. This delicious khoya stuffed dish is mouth watering and loved by all. Prepare this delicious dish with step by step photos and detailed recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 15 minute

Cooking Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Recipe Yield: 10


  • All purpose flour (maida) - 200 gm (1 katori)
  • Sugar - 150 gm (1/3 katori)
  • Cloves (laung) - 2 tea spoon
  • Refined oil for moin maida and frying for laung lata dumpling
  • Khoya - 100 gm (for stuffing)
  • Water for making dough and sugar syrup (chashini) 


  1. In a big plate take the all purpose flour and add 2 table spoon oil to it for moin. Mix well with hands. Now add a little water to form a medium hard dough. (dough should not be either very soft or very hard)
  2. Now heat a kadhai and add khoya into it. Saute the khoya till it turns light red. Transfer the khoya to a plate and add sugar to it and mix well. (remember not to add sugar while you saute the khoya, because it may harden the khoya)
  3. Now make small balls of the maida dough and rolls them flat into oval shaped thin poori. Place some khoya stuffing at the centre of the poori with a spoon and fold the long sides to bind them forming a dumpling (as shown in the image). Now fold the other two short sides and close the two ends of the dumplings. Seal the fold with cloves. Prepare laung lata dumplings of the remaining dough and khoya stuffing in the similar manner.
  4. Heat some refined oil in kadhai on high flame. Lower the flame when the oil is completely heated. After 1 minute start frying the laung lata dumplings one by one. When the base of the dumpling turns golden red flip and turn to fry in the similar manner on the other side. Fry uniformly on all sides. (Remember to fry the laung lata on low flame, otherwise they may turn dark red and uncooked at the inside. They should not appear white, nor dark red, but uniformly golden red on all sides).
  5. Heat a seperate kadhai and add equal amount of sugar and water into it to prepare the sugar syrup. Keep stirring while you prepare the sugar syrup (chashini) on high flame. Lower the flame after 5 minutes and check if the sugar syrup (chashini) becomes sticky. Turn off the flame at this moment. (Turn off the the flame right before one wired sugar syrup is about to get ready, to prevent formation of a white sugar layer)
  6. Now put the laung lata in the sugar syrup (chashini). Flip and turn all laung lata to coat them with sugar syrup (chashini). Do not leave the laung lata in the sugar syrup (chashini) or they will become soft.
  7. Garnish the laung lata with pistachios (pista) and serve beautifully in a dish. (laung lata can be served either hot or when cooled to room temperature)
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