Coconut or Naariyal ka Ladoo Recipe - Learn How To Make Coconut or Naariyal ka Ladoo

2017-09-24 18:30:35

Naariyal ka ladoo is one of the favorite Indian festive delights prepared from raw coconut, milk, sugar and dry fruits. Learn how to make these yummy ladoos with an easy recipe and step by step photos given below: 

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Recipe Yield: 36 ladoos


  • Coconut (Naariyal) - 2 medium size
  • Khoya - 1/2 kg
  • Sugar - 300 gms
  • Dry Fruits - 1 cup chopped to small pieces
    • Cashews (kaju)
    • Almonds (badaam)
    • Pistachios (pista)
  • Thickened milk (gaadha kiya hua dudh, prepared by boiling milk at low flame) - 1 cup


  1. Seperate the coconut (naariyal) from the shell and wash it well with water.
  2. Grate the coconut (naariyal) using a grater as shown in the image below.
  3. Now grind the sugar to powder form in a mixer jar.
  4. Heat a kadhai and saute the grated coconut (naariyal) without oil, till it turns golden red. (Remember to saute the coconut (naariyal) well, so that it does not remain white. Also, do not over saute the coconut (naariyal) to make it turn dark red in color. Saute it only till it turns golden red and you can feel the coconut aroma)
  5. Now transfer the coconut to a plate.
  6. In the same manner add the khoya to the heated kadhai and saute till its color changes to golden red.
  7. Now start adding a little coconut to the kadhai and mix well with the khoya.
  8. In the similar manner add the coconut (naariyal) at intervals and keep stirring.
  9. When the coconut (naariyal) mixes well with the khoya, add the powdered sugar and chopped dry fruits (kaju, badaam, pista) and mix well. (You can also crush the dry fruits to powder form to be used while making ladoos)
  10. Add the thickened milk (gaadha kiya hua dudh). Keep stirring till the coconut (naariyal), khoya, sugar and dry fruits come together to form a dough and the milk is completely soaked. Turn off the flame. The ladoo mixture is now ready for making ladoos.
  11. Now transfer the ladoo mixture into a plate and keep it under the fan to cool.
  12. When it is warm enough to touch with hands, take some water in a bowl and moisten your hands with it. Start making ladoos of the mixture as shown in images below.
  13. Garnish all ladoos with sliced pistachios (pista).
  14. The ladoos are now ready to be served.

(Tips: 1. Use water only to moisten your hands while making ladoos. Do not add water to the mixture.)

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