Sprouts & Aloo Tikki Chaat Recipe - Learn How To Make Sprouts & Aloo Tikki Chaat

2017-10-13 09:28:38

Sprouted green gram are arich source of protein and fibre. They may not seem tasty to be eaten alone but when eaten along with stir fried aloo tikki in the form of spiced up chaat they make a great fulfilling snack. Learn how to make this savory dish with the help of step by step photos and detailed recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Recipe Yield: 2 servings


  • Sprouted Green Gram (ankurit hari moong dal) - 1 big cup
  • Boiled Potato (ubale huye aloo) - 2
  • Salt (namak) - 1/2 tea spoon for tikki
  • All purpose flour (maida) or Corn Flour  - 1 table spoon
  • Refined Oil - 1.5 table spoon or as per requirement
  • Chaat Masala Powder - as per requirement for garnishing
  • Red Chilli Powder (lal mirch powder) - as per requirement for garnishing
  • Salt as per taste (namak swaad anusar)
  • Curd (dahi) - as per requirement
  • Hare Dhaniye ki Chutney - as per requirement
  • Imli ki Meethi Chutney - as per requirement
  • Besan Bhujia or Plain Besan Sev - as per requirement


  1. Soak the green gram (moong dal) in plain water for 6 hours. Then strain off the water and wash the lentils well with clean plain water. 
  2. Place the soaked lentils at the center of a cotton cltoh, bring its sides together to form a potli and leave the soaked lentils in it for 24 hours to form sprouts.
  3. Now next day take 2 boiled potatoes in a big plate and add 1/2 tea spoon salt (namak) to it. Now mash the potatoes well to form a smooth paste like texture.
  4. Divide the mashed potatoes mixture into two halves and roll them seperately to form two laddu. Then press the laddsu with both your hands to form two flat round tikkis.
  5. Now take some all purpose flour (maida) or corn flour in a plate and dip the aloo tikkis (prepared in previous step) in it, so that the tikkis get coated with it on both flat surfaces and the sides.
  6. Then heat a non-stick pan or tawa and pour 1 tea spoon refined oil on it. Grease the non-stick pan or tawa well with the oil.
  7. Now take the two aloo tikkis in your hand and dust of the extra all purpose flour (maida) or corn flour. Then place the tikkis on the hot tawa and cook the tikkis till one side turns crispy golden red in color. Flip the tikkis to cook the other side in similar manner. Then transfer the cooked sripsy tikkis into a plate.
  8. Now take 2 different plates to serve the chaat. Place the sprouted lentils in the center of each of them. Spread them evenly to form a round layer.
  9. Now pour the hare dhaniye ki chutney around it to form an outline followed by curd (dahi) and imli ki meethi chutney.
  10. Then sprinkle some besan ke sev or bhujia around layer of chutney in the similar manner followed by some salt (namak), chaat masala powde and red chilli powder (lal mirch powder).
  11. Now take the tikkis and place them in each plate at the center over the layer of the sprouted lentils.
  12. Pour some hare dhaniye ki chutney, curd (dahi) and imli ki meethi chutney over the tikki.
  13. Sprinkle some salt (namak), chaat masala powde and red chilli powder (lal mirch powder) over it too. The sprouts & aloo tikki chaat is ready to be served.
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