Amla Ka Murabba Recipe - Learn How to Make Amla Murabba

amla ka murabba

Amla ka Murabba is an evergreen Rajasthani dish that is specially eaten during winters. Amla being the richest source of Vit C, this dis is extremely healthy and good for immunity to cold and other diseases. Learn how to make this dish with step by step photos and detailed recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 40 minutes + 6-8 hours (overnight soaking of the amla in edible lime (paan coona) water)

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Recipe Yield: 10 servings (2 pieces per serving)


  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) - 1/2 kg
  • Sugar - 1/2 kg
  • Water - 1 litre
  • Edible Lime (Paan Choona) - 1 tea spoon


  1. Pierce the Indian gooseberries (amla) with a toothpick or a thick needle at various places, one night before the murabba preparation. This step will help the Indian gooseberries (amla) to absorb the sugar syrup (chashini) easily.
  2. Now wash the Indian gooseberries well with plain water . Take some water in a glass or ceramic (cheeni mitti) bowl (water should be enough so that the Indian gooseberries (amla) are completely submerged in it). Mix 1 tea spoon edible lime (paan choona) in this water and place all the Indian gooseberries (amla) into this solution for one night.
  3. Next morning take out all the Indian gooseberries (amla) from this solution and wash them well with plain water, so that the edible lime (paan choona) is washed off from them.
  4. Now heat a heavy based kadhai and add 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to it. Allow the solution to boil and the sugar to melt completely. As the sugar syrup (chashini) boils add the Indian gooseberries (amla) to it and lower the flame to medium level.
  5. Allow the Indian gooseberries (amla) to cook slowly on medium flame. As they cook in the sugar syrup (chashini), you will notice a color change in them. After 30 minutes the sugar  syrup (chashini) will become thick and Indian gooseberries (amla) will become soft.
  6. Touch one or two Indian goosberries (amla) with your hands and check if they have become soft. Cook for some more time if you want sugar syrup (chashini) of thicker consistency, otherwise turn off the flame and allow the murabba prepared to cool down.
  7. The amla ka murabba is now ready to be served. You can store it in a glass jar to use it over a long time.

(Tips: Cook the Indian gooseberries (amla) in the sugar syrup (chashini) on medium flame only)

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