Shahi Tukra And Gajar Ka Halwa Canapes Recipe - Learn How To Make Shahi Tukra And Gajar Ka Halwa Canapes

2017-09-29 16:57:55

Shahi tukra & gajar halwa canapes

Shahi Tukra topped with rabri and gajar ka halwa is just the finest combination of dessert that can be presented to a special guests and woo their hearts. Learn how to make this tempting dish with the help of step by step photos and detailed recipe given below:

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes (Gajar ka Halwa Preparation) + 30 minutes (Rabri and Shahi Tukra Preparation) + 10 minutes (Canape Preparation and Garnish)

Recipe Yield: 6 servings


  • Gajar Ka Halwa (without milk or khoya) - 1 cup
  • For Milk Sauce or Rabri Preparation:
    • Milk - 1/2 litre
    • Sugar - 1 table
  • For Shahi Tukra Preparation:
    • Bread - 6 slices
    • Sugar - 1 small cup
    • Cardamom (chhoti elaichi) - 2
    • Water - 1 small cup
    • Ghee or Refined Oil - as per requirement for toast the bread or fry them
  • Green Pistachios (hara pista) - 1 table spoon


The process to make the "Shahi Tukra And Gajar Ka Halwa Canapes" is divided into 4 parts, as given below:

Gajar ka Halwa Preparation:

  1. ​​​​​​​Prepare the Gajar ka Halwa without milk or khoya (using the following link) and keep it ready for use in later steps.

Milk Sauce or Rabri Preparation:

  1. In a pan pour 1/2 litre milk (dudh) and allow it to boil till it becomes dense and reduces to half the quantity.
  2. When the milk (dudh) becomes dense and creamy, it will turn slightly creamy yellow in color. Then add 1 table spoon sugar to it and mix well.
  3. When the sugar is completely dissolved, stir and continue to cook till the rabri being prepared becomes thickl and densely creamy in  texture and is no longer flowy.
  4. Then turn off the flame and keep it aside to cool.

Shahi Tukra Preparation: (make the shahi tukra in the end so that the bread slices remain slightly crispy after preparation)

  1. Take the bread slices in a plate and cut round pieces from them using a bowl or glass or cutter/stensil (as shown in the images below)
  2. In another deep vessel or bhagona take 1 small cup water and add 1 small cup sugar to it. Allow the solution to boil on high flame. Add 2-3 cardamom (chhoti elaichi) to the solution. When the sugar is dissolved completely check in a spoon with your fingers if the solution is sticky and 1 wired sugar syrup (chashini) is formed and then turn off the flame.
  3. Heat a tawa and grease it with ghee or refined oil. Now place the round bread pieces on it and toast them till they turn red and crispy. Flip the pieces and toast them on the other side.
  4. Transfer the toasted bread slices onto a plate.
  5. Now pour the sugar syrup (chashini) with a soup over these toasted slices slowly or you can also dip these bread pieces in the sugar syrup (chashini). Then keep these bread slices arranged nicley in  beautiful serving plate. The shahi tukra is now ready for use in canape preparation.(remember the sugar syrup (chashini) should not ooze out or exude from the toasted bread slices)

Canapes Preparation:

  1. First arrange the shahi tukra nicley in  beautiful serving plate.
  2. Now put a layer of the milk sauce (rabri)  over each of these shahi tukra with a spoon (as shown in the image below like the icing over a cake)).
  3. Then with a spoon gently put spoonful of gajar ka halwa on the rabri layer of each shahi tukra.
  4. Garnish with green pistsachios (hara pista) and the beautiful dish is ready to be served.
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