Dhuska or Dhooska or Dushka Recipe - Jharkhnad Ka Dhuska Recipe With Lakshmi Recipes

October 1st, 2018

A traditional dish from Jharkhand dhuska is prepared on festivals. It is generally served with aloo matar curry and fried green chilli. Learn how to make this flavorful and mouth watering snack with step by step photos and detailed recipe given below.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Recipe Yeild: 4 (4 dhuska per serving)

Alternative Names: Dhuska, Dhooska, Dushka, Jharkhand Ka Dhuska, Jharkhand Ka Dhooska, Jharkhand Ka Dushka, Dhuska Jharkhand, Dhooska Jharkhand, Dushka Jharkhand


  • Rice (chawal) - 1 cup soaked for 2 hours prior preparation in one vessel
  • Bengal gram (chana dal) - 3/4 cup soaked for 2 hours prior preparation in another vessel
  • Cumin seeds (jeera) - 1 tea spoon
  • Ginger (adrak) - 1 tea spoon chopped
  • Garlic (lehsun) - 4 petals 
  • Green chilli (hari mirch) - 4 chopped
  • Green peas (hari matar) - 1 cup
  • Coriander leaves (hara dhaniya) - as per requirement
  • salt to taste
  • Refined oil for frying
  • Water for the batter


  1. Strain off the extra water from the soaked rice (chawal) and bengal gram (chana dal) and grind them to a fine paste. (Use a little water if required)
  2. In another mixer jar add cumin seeds (jeera), ginger (adrak), garlic (lehsun) and green chilli (hari mirch). Grind these ingredients together to form a fine paste.
  3. Add this paste to the grinded mixture of rice and dal. Add salt to taste and mix well.
  4. Add a little water to prepare a batter of medium thick consistency. batter should not be of very thin consistency otherwise it will become veru hard on frying. And it should also not be of very thick consistency otherwise it will become very thick and will not be cooked completely.
  5.  Heat some refined oil in a kadhai on high flame.
  6. Lower the flame when the oil is completely heated. (With a spoon pour a little batter in the hot oil to check if the oil is heated properly and the consistency of the batter is correct. If it takes a round shape and comes to the surface of oil while frying continue with following step.)
  7. With a serving spoon pour batter in the form of small cutlets in the kadhai for deep frying. The dhuska being prepared should be of uniform shape and size. They should be fried on medium flame.
  8. Once the lower base of the dhuska in the kadhai turns golden brown, flip it slowly to fry it on the other side on low flame. Remove the fried dhuska to a plate with tissue paper to absorb extra oil. Prepare dhuska from the remaining batter in the same manner. 
  9. Now slit open 2 long green chilli (haari mirch), marinate it with salt and fry.
  10. Serve the hot dhuska with fried green chilli or aloo matar curry.

(Tips: If the batter is of very thin consistency and spread unevenly while frying, balance it by adding 1 table spoon gram flour (besan))

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