Little known facts about this Patna based food startup

The startup we are talking about is Lakshmi Recipes and here are the 7 simple straight facts about this Patna based startup.

  1. Renu Srivastava, the woman behind Lakshmi recipes, started her business at the age of 52 and before that she was a simple homemaker though she spent years learning about food and nutrition after she got to know abour her husband's Diabetes.
  2. Prior to Lakshmi Recipes Renu Srivastava did know very little about clicking images but today most of the images you see on the recipes including the final ones are clicked by her.
  3. Lakshmi Recipes, as you can guess by the name, started as a recipe website in 2016. And within one year turned into a food manufacturing startup. When the Amla Jam recipe was posted on facebook and people started asking if they could order it somewhere, the first batch of amla jam was made. And then slowly the transition took place from recipe website to a food manufacturing startup.
  4. Lakshmi Recipes is registered with Khadi India that promotes small businesses. Lakshmi Recipes has participated and showcased its products at more than 20 trade fairs including International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, Delhi in 2019. Lakshmi Recipes products are also available in Khadi Mall Patna, Khadi Bhawan Connaught Place, Delhi and many other Khadi stores.
  5. Pandemic caused massive losses and more than 90% of the products supplied to shops and showrooms expired during the lockdowns.
  6. Before the pandemic Lakshmi Recipes was relying mostly on offline sales but now it is focusing more on online channels. New online store has been launched ( where anyone can order its products.
  7. The unique thing about Lakshmi Recipes is that there is no use of artificial or fruit based colors in any product. All fruits and vegetables used in the manufacturing are fresh from the Meethapur mandi(Patna) and no artificial or fruit based flavors are used while making the products.

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Lakshmi Recipes Jams & Pickles
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Renu Srivastava

Cooking with heart and soul for her family for over 30 years, now she is here to share her recipes with the world. All her life as a homemaker to help her husband and kids achieve success in their respective fields, now she has started this blog to do something for herself and pursue further her passion for cooking.

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Lakshmi Recipes Jams & Pickles
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