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Rejoice! For the Lord has risen!

These are the similar banter you’d come across in every Christian home in different parts of the world. And mind you, you’ll have to come to terms with this merriment that goes for another week or so.

And why not?

Holding a great significance, Easter is considered to be the biggest festival for the people of the mentioned faith. A symbol of new life and hope, it traverses the boundaries that man has made and links one heart to another.

A Glimpse of Easter!

Although, the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection is believed to be way before, the actual observance of the day as Easter is considered to be from the 2nd century.

As per the Christian traditions, a Lent period occurs before forty days, excluding Sundays from Easter. Fasting is an important part of all these days. The last week is called the Holy Week or the Passion week. It includes Maundy Thursday (or the Last Supper), Good Friday and the Final Resurrection.

All through the period, the zeal and enthusiasm of the people seem full of love for their Almighty and it reaches its zenith with Easter Sunday!

Celebrations Across The Country!

There are many traditions circling the festival that are due to cultural differences and folk customs. However, the happiness and ecstasy that you’d see around marks the true essence of Easter and that’s what binds them together along with the faith over Christ’s resurrection.

So, the Easter eggs are one of the most common types of tradition that is practised in many countries which includes the decoration of the eggs. It was first done in the 13th century. Egg signifies new life and thus, points towards the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.

Similar to Easter eggs, Easter bunnies mark another custom that are usually followed among the Protestant denominations. These rabbits are believed to lay eggs as well and hence, symbolises the aforesaid belief. 

On this day, you’d see churches decorated as a bride, ready to proclaim the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Baptism (an important sacrament for all Christians) is also given during Easter Sunday.  Service in the church is another essential element along with small skits performed by the children of the Sunday school (Bible classes conducted by the church for kids).

Certain parts of the world and even states like Goa in our country, holds carnivals, folk songs, dances and street plays throughout the week. In other churches, the candlelight marches are also observed. 

Overall thus, if you notice, you’ll find that the charm and aura of the festival remains intact with these essentialities and customs!

Easter Dishes!

Well, every festival has its own set of delicacies that invariably reminds us of the occasion at hand, and so, Easter is no different. It too, has its delicious, lip-smacking cuisines that define its presence.

So, here are a few cuisines that are usually made during these celebrations across different regions:-

Mutton Curry

This is one of the most common dishes prepared on Easter day. It possesses a great flavor and has different variations when it comes to the way of cooking. It also has vegetables cut into small pieces to add up to the dish. The assortment of different spices and especially yoghurt ratchets up this cuisine. Mutton curry is generally eaten with naan or chapati.

Chicken Curry

A delectable item, Chicken Curry is definitely made on Easter. The chicken is marinated way before so as to enhance its flavor and the dish uses ground spices, onions and tomatoes as its main ingredient. Although, Chicken curry is a common dish in the Indian subcontinent, it occupies a special place in this festival.

Jeera Pulao

Jeera rice is another sumptuous dish that is a must-make during the festival. Basmati rice is typically used here. Ghee and other spices make a significant portion of the entire dish. The steamed rice along with jeera tastes heavenly and makes a good companion to the different curries that are prepared.

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

A great treat for all the chocolate lovers, Chocolate Fudge Cookie is a delightful item that is made in a way that they melt instantly inside the mouth. It contains unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, granulated sugar and melted butter as its main component. These cookies are one of the best and most delicious dishes prepared for Easter celebrations.

Easter Eggs

While, Easter eggs are used for decoration purposes, not all are used for the same. The eggs are even made from chocolates and other goodies such as confectioner’s sugar, package cream cheese and colored icings for its piping. Peanut butter also makes this item highly delectable.

Hot Cross Buns

Spicy yet sweet, Hot Cross Buns are one of the traditional food items prepared on Easter and in certain places on Good Friday. It’s top has a cross sign and the bun contains various fruits and raisins as its ingredients. Butter and vanilla adds an exceptional amount of flavor to the buns along with orange icing.

So, the list goes on but the craving to have these super delicious dishes never diminishes from our palates!

The Closure!

Easter is not just a festive event but holds a great significance to the people of the faith. It teaches about the unconditional love of God towards mankind so much so that he bequeathed His only son for the atonement of sins that people committed.

Easter thus, is a symbol of ultimate sacrifice and eternal life to all those who believe in Him! 

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