Feliz Navidad To All- A Look At Glorious Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - New Beginnings With Lakshmi Recipes

Hark ! The herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn king. Yes indeed, the King of kings is born today and the air is filled up with ecstasy and merriment that is evident on people’s lightened up face. From yummylicious pies to appealing puddings, Christmas always ratchets up the end of the year with its solemn presence. 

People decked up in Santa's attire, all the streets crammed with different kinds of decorative items, and hoards of fruit cakes making their way into every sweet shop whispers about the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and the advent of Christmas!

While I was growing up, I used to keep on wondering about this majestic festival throughout the year upto the point that I couldn’t wait for it to begin and this usually gave a hard time to my parents. 

Nevermind, I’m not telling you all this to show how troublesome I was but to share the craziness I had for this festival, most part of which is intact till today!

Delving Into The History!

The precise knowledge about when Christmas as a festival came into being is still unclear and may remain so for times to come. However, there are certain lore doing the rounds about it.

It is said that it was Sextus Julius Africanus, who first came up with 25th December as the birth date of Jesus. On this day, a Roman festival was observed that celebrated the winter solstice, which depicted the resumption of the sun that removes winter and heralds the resurgence of spring and summer.

Christmas began to be celebrated with fervor in the 9th century. Since then, it is celebrated by Catholic and Protestant churches alike throughout the world.

Celebrations During Christmas!

Commemorating the birth of Jesus, Christians have different ways of celebrating Christmas. These changes are mostly due to the change in the cultures and traditions of different countries of the world. However, there are certain things that are a staple of this festival and are followed everywhere, no matter the place. 

Well, Christmas never feels like Christmas, if there are no Carols. Each and every home lightened up, waiting for the carols to come to their homes, and people immersed in God’s glory is always a sight to behold.

Another way of making merriment is by decorating the Christmas tree. These traditions slowly built up over a span of many years across different eras. Some suggest that the evergreen fir tree since, is triangular in shape, and portrays the concept of Trinity as mentioned in the Holy Bible was chosen for Christmas celebrations.

One tradition that has increasingly become a part of the festival is the belief in Santa Claus, riding on reindeers and distributing gifts amongst all. Children all over the world wait for the festival to put in their Christmas socks where their presents are supposed to be. This is one symbol closely associated with Christmas that has helped in binding people from other religions too. 

Making fruit cakes, cookies, pies and various delectable dishes constitute yet another part of this festival. No matter the place, the similarities in observance of Christmas is something that reflects the true meaning of the festival. 

Christmas And Delectable Cuisines!

What do you think Christmas would have been like, if there were no cuisines to relish? Of course, it would have been disastrous to the foodies like you and me out there. Isn’t so?

Thankfully that’s not the case and is unlikely to happen as long as the human race survives. Well, I ain’t gonna take the responsibility for a hundred years from now when man would be so advanced (scientifically) that they won’t be needing food to live!

Nevertheless, as of now you can surely go for certain delicious dishes and try making some at home. Here are a few:-


One of the staple dishes of Christmas is the very alluring fruitcakes. Made with dry fruits, nuts and spices, this yummy cake is a must make at all homes. If you love cakes and dry fruits then this is ideal for you to bake and enjoy.

Bread Pudding   

A perfect christmas treat, bread pudding is yet another much made and loved dish that is bound to make you fall in love with them. The chunks of apple and cranberry adds an exotic and luscious flavor to this enticing dish. 

If you haven’t tried it before, then this is the perfect time for you!

Gingerbread Cookies

Typically flavored with ginger, this crunchy and spiced cookie is a perfect dish for Christmas. If you haven’t attempted something out of the box, then it’s your chance to get it done and explore a whole new world of  baking.

Mughlai Biryani

This sumptuous dish, ranging from mild to spicy taste is a must make during Christmas. Along with nice and fluffy rice, the pieces of lamb creates a magical effect over this cuisine. This is one such food item that you can surely lay your hands on this festive season. 

To be honest, there is a never ending list of cuisines that need to be made during any festival, let alone Christmas. But what truly makes these dishes special is the fact that they are sweet memories of the delightful times spent with the loved ones and the beautiful summarization of the wait for the grand Christmas.

The Closure!

Christmas has always been a much loved festival for people around the world. The real essence of it is not in having exotic dishes, brand new clothes or waiting for Santa’s presents but actually in sharing and spreading the happiness among those who are having troubled times or the ones who are having no respite from their difficult lives. 

It is also the realisation that Lord Jesus is with us and will bless us with His inner peace and tranquility that gives a unique aura to this festival !

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Lakshmi Recipes Jams & Pickles
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