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Growing up in an Indian family comes with its pros and cons. Good thing is that you will be asked to eat a lot of stuff that are not only delicious but also healthy and sometimes that’s the dreadful part too, if you are selective in your food choices or worst, if you are lactose intolerant. 

As a kid, I was troublesome when it came to eating a wide variety of food and especially Milk.For me it was like a nightmare to have a glass of milk every night before going to bed. 

But life teaches you all!

As I grew up, I tried reading and finding out as to why our parents and ancestors focused on including milk in our diet, and I got the answer to my Why!

Today knowing all that,I regret the days I spent ignoring the humble drink that has immense benefits for us all. Well, let’s see how it began to be a part of human civilization over the years.

Historical Timeline!

Studies have shown that milk and other dairy products have been a part of human history for at least 10,000 years now. Evidence has been found that indicates the use of milk in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia for a very long time.

The actual dairy activity started much later, which is not until 8000 BCE in Turkey. During this time, refrigeration was a thing of the future and so, the first milk from animals was converted to cheese, yogurt and butter because of milk’s perishable nature. Over the years as science progressed, scientists found out a way to retain milk’s nutrients and thus, powdered milk came into existence.

Today, milk has become an integral part of our culinary culture and surely deserves the royalty that it commands!

Milk And Various Dishes!

The ever- so luscious Milk has an end number of dishes that can be made out of it. Surely most of them are sweet items, yet we’ve mentioned some that are salty by nature.

Here are a few:-


One of the best milk dishes, Rasmalai is a sumptuous dessert that can easily be made at homes. These soft and spongy dumplings will surely leave your guests craving for more.


A creamy and sweet pudding, Phirni is an exotic dish that needs no introduction to anyone. This is again another dessert, that can be made by you for any occasion.


A famous Indian dish, Kheer is a great dessert for people with a sweet tooth. One of the easiest dishes to make, it ratchets up every function with its solemn presence. 


Vermicelli cooked in milk along with different dry fruits, is a delectable dish that is a quintessential dessert in Indian households. If you are still confused as to what is an ideal milk dish that you can try, then you're sorted because sewai can be made easily without much hassles. 

Mango Milkshake

Mango and milk make up a good team when it comes to making shakes. If unexpected guests arrive and you don’t know how to do “Muh Meetha” instantly, then you can surely go for this ever-luscious Mango Milkshake. 

Chicken And Milk Stew

“Golden brown, simmered chicken in milk broth along with different flavours”, is something that surely sounds heavenly!

Isn’t it?

Well, you can experience heaven on earth, right here at the comfort of your homes. If you are more into salt and spices, then this is the one for you!

Zafrani Pulao

Zafrani Pulao is yet another delicious dish that uses milk during the cooking process. Also topped with dry fruits, this delectable cuisine will ideally be loved by all.

And surely the list goes on. So just grab onto any one of these dishes and make your day better in a milky way!

Health benefits! 

Even before science developed, the early human civilization focused on drinking milk everyday. This nutrition-packed drink has helped and is helping millions of people in fighting various health issues across the world since time immemorial. 

Well, here are a few amongst many of the benefits that this humble product contains:-

Possessing as much as 285mg of calcium, milk helps in keeping the bones and teeth strong. It keeps the body protected against bone fractures. It also keeps away the risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteoarthritis. 

Studies have shown that milk contains high quality protein and other essentials like Amino acid. This helps in muscle building. A rich source of potassium, milk helps the blood vessels to dilate which causes reduced blood pressure. This thus, leads to lesser chances of heart diseases or stroke. 

Milk keeps the body hydrated and is also a natural way to take care of your skin, by keeping it soft, supple and shiny. This is because this drink contains several essential nutrients and vitamins required by the skin. 

No wonder why Queen Cleopatra used to bathe in tubs of milk! 

Milk is believed to assist people in weight loss. This is because it gives the feeling of fullness and thus, the person tends to consume less. Consequently, it leads to less intake of calories and therefore, a healthy weight.

Studies have shown that drinking milk can lead to reduced risk of cancer. This is because it contains calcium, Vitamin D and Lactic Acid Bacteria that fights off this problem.  

Thus, to get the full benefit of this humble drink, one needs to have it in moderate terms and  base their diet accordingly!

The Closure!

Thus, the efficacy and long-term healthy impact of Milk in our lives is unquestionable. The advent of milk and milk-related products have greatly transformed the eating habits of mankind and is sure to help tremendously in fighting off several health issues and lead a blissful and robust life.

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