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With summers round the corner, we all have begun to shed off our woolen clothes and take out our cotten soothers. Although, getting to see those warm rays of sunlight is what we’ve been waiting all through, yet we all dread the scorching heat that is not so far away.

So, when summers hit you hard, what is that one recourse that gives you a refreshing moment?

Well, mine has always been Curd or Dahi that I can’t do without during the hot weather. Having said that, let’s dive deeper into the history of curd and how it came into being!

Backpedaling In Time!

Although, there is no concrete history available as to when or where the curd was discovered, yet, Bulgarians claim that it was accidentally discovered in their place when nomadic tribes roamed the land.

Since, these nomads carried milk in animal skins, the bacteria present might have got an ideal atmosphere to grow and this may have led to fermentation. Thus, this might have been a possible way that the early society stumbled upon this dairy product.

However, other school of theory opines that curd was discovered in places like early Mespotamian Civilization, Middle East or Central Asia. 

Genghis Khan (founder of the Mongal Empire) is said to have fed his army with curd as it was believed to bring bravery among the soldiers. Likewise, King Francois I of France, introduced this food item in Western Europe after he suffered from diarrhea and was cured by curd.

Today, curd has essentially become a major component of the dairy world and various dishes made across the globe!

Types Of Curd!

Curd has popularly three types that are used in different countries depending upon the need and taste of the place. The common ones are as follows:-

Cheese Curd

Cheese Curd are the tit-bits of curdled milk, sometimes known as Squeaky Cheese. They own a rubbery or springy texture and have a mild flavour.

Bean Curd

Another type of curd is Bean Curd. Also known as Tofu, this variant is made from ground, pressed soybeans. They are used extensively in Chinese and East Asian cuisines.

Fruit Curd

Fruit Curd is yet another form of curd that is a great side dish in many of the countries. This dessert finds its origin from England around the late 19th and early 20th century.

Curd And Different Dishes!

The exotic curd never fails to surprise us with its super delicious taste and texture. With a wide variety of cuisines being made from it, one may end up highly confused as to what item one can try making first. 

Well, we are here to help you out in your quest and suggest some of the common dishes that you can easily try!

Dahi Aloo

Aloo dipped in curd along with cashews, onions and spices is something that is hard to resist. Dahi aloo is one such simple dish that you can try at your place without having to dedicate much time to it.

Dahi Vada

A tangy and sweet Dahi Vada is yet another delicious dish that needs no introduction. If you are thinking of having something tasty and that too quickly, then this is the one for you. Try making them at home, and it will surely be a hit for all occasions and moods.


A thick gravy made of gram flour along with curd is a great dish to try your hands on. A sweet and spicy curd curry, you can serve it with steamed rice or roti.


A great accompaniment to biryani and Pulao, Raita is a super-delicious dish to make at home. Although a side dish, it complements as well as completes various cuisines with its presence. 

Dahi Aloo Chaat

A popular street food, Dahi aloo chaat is something you can try making at any occasion. Boiled  potatoes bathed in curd, will surely ratchet up your day.

Undoubtedly, curd gives a myriad of choices to enjoy it in different ways, and explore the culinary world in a brand new way! 

Health  Benefits!

Apart from being a great delight for our palette, Curd also has innumerable health benefits that are a golden pathway for those seeking a healthy life. 

Well, here are a few:-

Rich in phosphorus and calcium, this refreshing item makes our teeth as well as bones stronger. It also prevents arthritis, a common bone problem among the elderly.

Being a probiotic food ( food that contains helpful bacteria), it especially keeps the gut healthy and leads to a better digestive system. It also strengthens and improves the immunity of the body. Studies have shown that eating curd on a daily basis reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and hypertension. It thus, leads to a healthy heart. 

Who doesn't want a flawless skin? 

But due to current pollution status as well as our lifestyle, we all develop blemishes and other skin problems. However, studies have shown that eating curd regularly leads to fair complexion as well as crystal clear skin. 

Another benefit of having dahi is healthy and shiny hair.  It is also considered to be a great home ready for dealing with dandruff related issues as it has antifungal properties present in it. 

Today due to changing lifestyles, our eating habits have changed tremendously , thus, leading to quick weight gain which are unfortunately hard to shed for the majority of us!

However, it has been found that dahi reduces the production of a hormone called Cortisol that leads to belly fat. This is because curd has calcium that leads to lesser production of the mentioned hormone. Also, having food item gives a satisfaction of satiety that stays for long and that results in lesser consumption of meal at the time.

Also, if you are feeling low and tired due to heavy schedules and are unaware what to do, you are just sorted if a curd gets handy!

Yes, studies point out that curd is a great energiser as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is best for boosting the body and acting as a great pre-workout food.

As exotic as this food is, more enthralling is it’s health benefits that have a long-lasting impact and immense advantages which if reaped properly will definitely lead to a healthy life!

The Closure! 

Curd has been a part of human civilization for a very long time. With its wide array of benefits and exotic taste at hand, it unquestionably makes up a lion’s share of the various cuisines prepared across the world.

No  wonder, why it was and is considered to be a great item found and cherished by human civilization!

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